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Please Read First - Does Your Concern Fall Under the OLRB's Jurisdiction?

The Ontario Labour Relations Board receives many different kinds of applications, under a variety of Ontario laws. However, not all applications are properly before the Board. Some belong to other tribunals; others should be heard by the civil courts, or by private arbitration, and still others need to be initiated within other areas of the Ministry of Labour.

If you have a complaint about discrimination in your workplace, you should contact the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario at 416-326-1312 or www.hrto.ca .

If you have a complaint about your pay, hours of work, overtime, vacation or holiday entitlements, termination or severance pay, and you are not represented by a trade union, you should call the Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Call Centre at 1-800-531-5551. You can also get information on these topics from the Ministry's website: www.labour.gov.on.ca

When you call the LRS, it will provide you with the name of a lawyer who will provide a free consultation of up to 30 minutes to help you determine your rights and options. You can access the service by calling:     1-800-268-8326 or 416-947-3330 (within the GTA)

For more information go to the Law Society of Upper Canada’s website at www.lsuc.on.ca  and follow the tabs to “For the Public” and “Lawyer Referral Service”.

If you are looking for information relating to Collective Bargaining (e.g. current trends and highlights, the existence of collective agreements, collective agreement expirations etc. you should call 416-326-1260 or e-mail cbis@ontario.ca.

Locating the Ontario Labour Relations Board

The Board is located at 505 University Avenue in downtown Toronto, just north of Dundas Street, on the east side of University Avenue. For attendance at any Board meeting or hearing and for the delivery of any document, please take the elevators to the second floor. Monitors mounted in lobby of the 2nd floor will direct you to your meeting or hearing, or you may seek direction from the receptionist on the floor.

The closest subway stop is St. Patrick station on the University line. Information about Toronto Transit Commission routes and maps is available at http://www.city.toronto.on.ca/ttc/index.htm. The Board does not provide any parking for those attending meetings or hearings. Should you choose to drive to the Board private parking garages are available in the area.

Mailing Address:

The Registrar
Ontario Labour Relations Board
505 University Avenue - 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON
M5G 2P1

OLRB Client Service Network

This directory is published for the convenience of the Board’s community. The network describes specific contacts (along with direct dial phone lines) for questions and issues arising out of all applications filed with the OLRB.

Client Services

*For general information about the Board and its services; case status, OLRB practices and procedures, obligations under the Board’s Rules etc.


Local: (416)326-7500
Toll-free: 1-877-339-3335
Hearing Impaired (TTY): 416-212-7036
Fax: 416-326-7531  
Hours of Operation: 8:30am -5:00pm


Normand Roy – (416) 326-7474

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Office of Director Registrar


Catherine Gilbert – (416) 326-7442

*All questions/issues relating to all of the Board’s processes, Rules, hearings, scheduling, mediation meetings, votes, administrative practices, media inquiries, case and decision status


Ursula Boylan - (416) 347-2884

Executive Assistant:

Rosa Strano – (416) 326-7495

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Case Processing

For questions regarding general file processing:


Michele Duncan – (416) 721-6216


Lucy Lima – (416) 326-7554
Rosalia Abogado - (416) 327-5540

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Mediation Services


Travis Kearns – (647) 236-7574


Natalie Abrahamse - (416) 326-7417

*For questions regarding: Mediation appointments/assignments, settlement/mediation meetings, votes and vote issues, mediation requests

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Board Solicitors' Office


Aaron Hart – (416) 326-7450

*For questions regarding: Application and interpretation of Rules of Procedure and practice before the OLRB; requests for subpoenas; interpretation of OLRB forms; media inquiries; case specific inquiries; judicial reviews; OLRB publications and "due diligence" searches (re sale of a business etc.).

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Library Services


For questions/requests regarding copies of certificates, OLRB decisions and for general research and reference, contact the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library Reference Desk at 416-314-3700.

For more information visit us at www.owtlibrary.on.ca.

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Other MOL Services

ARBITRATION AWARDS – (416) 326-1300

Copies of Collective Agreements –  (416) 326-1260
Employment Standards general help line –  (416) 326-7160; Toll-free 1-800-531-5551

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Reception: (416) 326-7500  Toll-free: 1-877-339-3335  Fax: 416-326-7531  
Hearing Impaired (TTY): 416-212-7036 Hours of Operation: 8:30am - 5:00pm
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