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The following four new forms are in effect as of November 28, 2017 and may be e-filed or filed by another method permitted under the Board's Rules.

Corresponding changes associated with the new forms have been made to the Board's Rules of Procedure, Information Bulletins, and Notices. It is important that you review the Board's information regarding e-filing on the homepage.

For all other Board forms, click here.

Employment Standards Act, 2000

  • A-103 - Application For Review
  • IB-24 - Information Bulletin #24
  • Electronic Submissions

  • A-108 - Electronic Submissions Form

  • Unfair Labour Practice - Section 96 of the Act

  • A-33 - Application Under Section 96 of the Act
  • A-34 - Response/Intervention - Application Under Section 96 of the Act
  • C-12 - Notice to Responding Party and/or Affected Party of Application under Section 96 of the Act

  • Do not use your browser to complete any of the OLRB forms. Save the form to your computer and then complete it using Adobe Acrobat only.

    You must have an internet connection and a valid email address and up-to-date Adobe Acrobat in order to submit your form online. You may download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following website: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

    Click here for E-Filing FAQs and the Filing Guide. In particular, see the information on the use of different 'print' buttons in the forms.

    The Board is interested in receiving feedback on the new forms and the e-filing system. Please leave your comments here. You may do so anonymously. Comments will not be included in any Board file.

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