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Notice to the Community



In these times of economic restraint and uncertainty, the Ontario Labour Relations Board (the “Board”) is constrained to deliver services in the most economical and efficient manner possible. As a result, hearings are generally held at the Board in Toronto, regardless of the location of the parties. 

There are exceptions to this policy, in a limited number of cases, where the workplace parties are located over 250 km from the Board. In those cases, the Board may travel to regional centres located in Ottawa, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, North Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins and Windsor. 

Where matters are scheduled initially in Toronto, the parties may ask the Board to change the hearing venue to one of the regional centres after the first two days of hearing and where a lengthy hearing is anticipated.  The Board, where it considers it advisable, may schedule continuation hearing dates out of town as requested.  Please note, however, that hearings into first contract, unlawful strike applications, applications for interim orders as well as s. 133 grievances will continue to be held in Toronto regardless of the parties’ location. 
Where travel remains a significant issue, the parties may consider requesting that some or all of the proceeding be conducted via an electronic hearing (video conference or teleconference), if appropriate.    

This policy is consistent with the Board’s practice over the past few years.

December, 2011

Caution and Disclaimer

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