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Reconsideration and Judicial Review

The decision of the Board is normally final, and binding on the parties to the proceeding. There is no appeal of a Board’s decision, but there are circumstances under which the Board may reconsider its ruling.


If you have a good reason to ask the Board to reconsider its decision, you may do so by completing the appropriate form and providing the Board with the reasons for your request.

The Board will normally reconsider its decision only if there is new evidence that would influence the proceeding’s outcome, that was for some reason not available to the parties at the time of the original hearing. Reconsideration is not an opportunity to present the same evidence again, or to make the same arguments with a new approach.

The Board has historically granted requests for reconsideration in very limited circumstances.

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If you are dissatisfied with a decision of the Board, you may seek to have it overturned in an application for judicial review.

Applications for judicial review are proceedings before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court) pursuant to the Judicial Review Procedure Act. The Divisional Court does not conduct a new hearing, nor does the court conduct an appeal in the traditional sense; rather it reviews the Board's decision to determine if it was reasonable (or correct, in limited circumstances)

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