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Responding to an Application

The Board’s procedures require most parties who wish to respond to an application to deliver and file appropriate responses in each matter.

If someone has filed an application with the Board, most often they will have been required to deliver the application materials to all identified responding or affected parties. In some instances, the Board delivers applications to other parties.

If you have received a copy of an application that has been filed with the Board, the documents you receive normally contain information on the proper delivery and filing of response forms. Information Bulletins, the Board’s Rules of Procedure, as well as information on the forms themselves will tell you how to complete the responses, what material you need to deliver, and when, to the applicant and other parties, and what materials need to be filed with the Board, as well as the timing for such filings.

Please read all the information you receive before completing the forms and delivering or filing them with the appropriate materials to the applicant, other affected parties, and the Board. Please remember that the more information you provide at the outset, the more smoothly and quickly the matter can be processed. If you do not file a response or do not provide the required information, the application may proceed in the absence of your response.

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