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Special Services

•  Translation
•  Summons to Witness
•  Video Magnification and TTY
Section 6
Achieving Internet Accessibility

Special Services


Over the past decade, the Board has had to face an increase in legislative responsibility along with directives for significant economic restraint. This has caused challenges to the Board's limited resources...more

Summons To Witness

A summons to witness (or subpoena) is a legal document that orders a person to attend a Board proceeding, sometimes requiring the person to bring specific documents to the hearing...more

Video Magnification and TTY

In response to client needs and concerns, the Ontario Labour Relations Board is reducing barriers to information...more

Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001: Implementing Section 6

The government introduced the Ontarian with Disabilities Act 2001 (ODA) after consultation with the community of persons with disabilities. Section 6 of the Act was proclaimed on December 31, 2002. This section of the ODA requires that  "the Government of Ontario shall provide its Internet sites in a format that is accessible to persons with disabilities, unless it is not technically feasible to do so."

Achieving Internet Accessibility

The Ontario Labour Relations Board has built into its website design the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Priority I and II Accessibility Guidelines.

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