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Table No. Table Name
1. Application for Certification
2. Application for Termination of Bargaining Right Under Section 63 of the Act
3. Application for Termination of Bargaining Right Under Sections 64, 65, or 66 of the Act
4. Application for Interim Order
5. Application for Right of Access
6. Application Under Section 43 of the Act (Direction That a First Collective Agreement be Settled by Arbitration)
7. Application for Declaration Concerning Status of Successor Trade Unions
8. Application Under Section 69 and/or Subsection 1(4) of the Act (Sale of Business and/or Related Employer)
9. Application for Consent to Institute Prosecution
10. Application Under Section 74 of the Act (Union's Duty of Fair Representation)
11. Application Under Section 75 of the Act (Union's Duty of Fair Referral)
12. Application Under Section 96 of the Act (Unfair Labour Practice)
13. Application for Religious Exemption
14. Application Concerning Work Assignment (Jurisdictional Dispute)
15. Application Regarding Unlawful Strike or Lock-out
16. Application Regarding Employee Status
17. Application Regarding Failure to Comply With Terms of Settlement
18. Application Concerning Failure to Furnish Financial Statement
19. Application Concerning Inadequate Financial Statement
20. Request for Reconsideration
21. Application Under Section 58(3) of the Act (Early Termination of Collective Agreement)
22. Application Under Section 77 of the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act
23. Application Under Section 50 of the Occupational Health And Safety Act
24. Application Under Section 8 of the Smoking in the Workplace Act (Unlawful Reprisal)
25. Application Under Section 174 of the Environmental Protection Act (Unlawful Reprisal)
26. Application Under Section 105 of the Environmental Bill of Rights Act (Unlawful Reprisal)
27. Application Under Section 21, 22 and/or 23 of the Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act, 1997
28. Application Under the Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act, 1997 (Other Than Under Sections 21, 22 or 23 of the Act)
29. Appeal of Inspector's Order Under Occupational Health and Safety Act
30. Application for Suspension of Inspector's Order Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
31. Application for Review Under the Employment Standards Act
31b. Application for Review Under the Employment Standards Act, 2000
31c. Application Under Section 112 or 120 of The Employment Standards Act, 2000 To Void Settlement as a Result of Fraud or Coercion
31d. Application Concerning Salary Disclosure Under Section 92.1 of the Act
31e. Application Concerning Sector Dispute in the Construction Industry
31f. Application Under Section 6, 9, 10, 11, 18 or 23 of the Ambulance Services Collective Bargaining Act, 2001
32. Request to Re-commence Hearing Under the Employment Standards Act
33. Application for Certification Construction Industry
34. Application for Termination of Bargaining Rights Under Section 63 or 132 of the Act, Construction Industry
35. Application Under Section 127.2 of the Act (Termination of Bargaining Rights, Non-construction Employer)
36. Referral of Grievance to Arbitration (Construction Industry)
37. Application Under Part Iv of the Crown Employees Collective Bargaining Act, 1993

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