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  What is the PEHT?

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      Who is the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal


The Tribunal consists of a Chair, one or more Vice-Chairs, and equal numbers of members representative of employers and employees. All of these positions are filled through appointments made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The Tribunal hears its cases in tripartite panels. Each panel consists of a panel chair (usually a Vice-Chair), a member representative of employers and a member representative of employees. The members of the Tribunal bring their specialized expertise and understanding of pay equity, compensation practices and labour relations to the hearing process. The Chair and Vice-Chairs are lawyers, often with extensive experience as counsel and adjudicators before the courts and other tribunals. At present, the Chair and Vice Chairs also hold appointments to the Ontario Labour Relations Board and/or the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. In addition, the employer and employee representatives are expected to bring the perspective of their particular constituency into the Tribunal's decision-making. They are not advocates for individual parties but they ensure that the Tribunal's decison-making is fully informed. The panel determines the issues in dispute based on the evidence given and the arguments made by the parties.

The Registrar is responsible for communicating with the parties, scheduling hearings and for the administration of the Tribunal. She is assisted by the Tribunal's Hearing Officer.

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