COVID-19 Operations

In light of current public health and government information, the Ontario Labour Relations Board has revised its operations.

The Board’s front-line reception area is closed to the public. The Client Services Representatives are available by phone: listed at the bottom of this document. The Board’s mailroom is closed. In accordance with the Notices to Community dated August 23, 2020, the presumption will continue to be that matters will proceed by video hearing, unless an in-person hearing is requested by the parties and specifically directed by the Board. Likewise, mediations will continue to be held by alternate means (video or teleconference), unless an in-person mediation is specifically directed by the Board.

The Board continues to accept applications/ responses/ interventions and other submissions and materials. However, all such filings must be made electronically, or they will not be accepted:
  • All Board forms and other submissions and material must be filed through the Board’s e-filing process, not regular email, courier, hand delivery or fax.
  • Certification and termination applications/responses/ interventions may be electronically filed using the Form A-108 (electronic submissions form).
  • The Board’s Form A-108 should not be used to file other forms, which can already be e-filed on their own.
  • E-filing also applies to correspondence and submissions filed with respect to matters currently before the Board.
Check the notices on the Board’s website regularly, including with respect to the requirements for filing applications with the Board, because they may update and revise previous requirements.

Specifically, please note that, given the current circumstances, the requirements set out in the Board’s notices on the website will supersede any instructions on e-forms, and in particular with respect to the use of email. There is a delay, outside of the Board’s control, in amending these forms and current changes may not be reflected.

Applications and Responses are e-filed after the application form is completed and the user clicks submit. All other correspondence can be e-filed by attaching a document to the A-108 “Electronic Submissions Form”. The Board’s Forms can accessed by clicking here. For information about e-filing, see Frequently Asked Questions and Filing Guide.

If you are delivering an application by email to another person or business, you must also complete and file with the Board Form A-139 “Declaration for Delivering By Email During Pandemic”. If you are delivering an application by other means (for example, hand delivery), you must provide a means for the Board to communicate with the other party (either fax or email). In order to have your matter processed, the declarations in Form A-139 may also be required, and submission of Form A-139 is recommended.

For information about how to obtain and serve a summons to witness, click here.

For Information about the Board’s current process for filing an application under the Employment Standards Act, click here.

Client Service Representatives Contact information:

  • Normand Roy - 416-268-1748
  • Rene B. - 437-771-1890
  • Marquita L. - 437-331-7548