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The Ontario Labour Relations Board produces a monthly publication of summaries of significant decisions issued by the Board. "Highlights", along with the Board's website, is also the Board's forum for providing information to the community regarding Notices from the Chair or Director/Registrar, legislative amendments and staffing changes. Many of the cases summarized in "Highlights" are reproduced in full in the OLRB Bi-monthly Reports.

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Editors: Aaron Hart, Solicitor & Andrea Bowker, Solicitor





Archived Highlights from previous years:

OLRB Reports
The Ontario Labour Relations Board publishes a bi-monthly collection of significant decisions. The OLRB Reports are one of the oldest reporting series for labour adjudication in North America. In addition to the full text of these decisions, the OLRB Reports also provide the results of judicial reviews of Board decisions and other court applications relating to the Board.

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Annual Reports
As an agency of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development, the OLRB's Annual Report is subject to the minimum reporting requirements established in the Agency Establishment and Accountability Directive, as issued by Management Board of Cabinet, including:

  • financial statements that have been audited or subject to the appropriate level of external assurance;
  • analysis of operational performance;
  • analysis of financial performance;
  • names of appointees and term of appointments
  • performance measures.
The OLRB annual reports cover the years starting in 1980. The Board's activities from 1944 to 1980 are reported in the Ministry of Labour's Annual Reports. Copies of earlier reports are available for review at the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library, located on the 7th floor at 505 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Copies of recent reports are available in PDF format. You may download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following website:

Annual Reports from 1980 to present are available at the following:

ISSN 2562-8259

Annual Reports:

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