Forms, Information Bulletins & Rules of Practice


Form 1 Application
Form 2 Response
Form 3 Certificate of Delivery
Form 4 Statement of Posting
Form 5 Certificate of Appointment as Agent on behalf of Anonymous Employees
Form 6 Request for Reconsideration
  Electronic Submissions Form

Rules of Practice

  Rules of Practice

Summons to Witness

  Summons to Witness
  Affidavit of Personal Service
Information Bulletins

IB-1 Information Bulletin # 1 - Making An Application to the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
IB-2 Information Bulletin # 2 - Responding to an Application to the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
IB-3 Information Bulletin # 3 - Remaining Anonymous
IB-4 Information Bulletin # 4 - The Pre-Hearing Conference
IB-5 Information Bulletin # 5 - What to Expect at the Hearing
IB-6 Information Bulletin # 6 - Research and Resources for Parties Before the P.E.H.T
IB-7 Information Bulletin # 7 - Requests for Reconsideration
IB-8 Information Bulletin # 8 - Video Hearings


  E-Filing FAQs
  Filing Guide